Mythic Non-Toxic Paint, USA is the world's most durable zero-VOC paint range, officially availablenow in Hong Kong. Mythic is the first high performance non-toxic, environmental paint available. Mythic Paints was created by 4 scientists and developed by the University of Southern Mississippi with funding from the US Federal Government, and is used on major projects such as, the Pentagon, Google Headquarters and the World Trade Center.The paint has 26 patents for the performance, durability, non toxicity, environmentally friendly and at the same time, reasonably priced.

Originally called "American Pride" because it was this paint that won the contract to rebuild the Pentagon after 9/11. Due to their closed HVAC system they needed a paint that would not smell or cause illness to employees during repaints. Mythic is developed under strict requirement from the Pentagon with manufacturing process taking place in a zero discharge facility. Mythic paint is unique from any other manufacturer in process and formula. Mythic is a stand up company and have supporting data from every level. Mythic uses the latest technology in paint, primer as well as colorant and are completely ZERO VOC and NON Toxic.

Mythic Paint products that display the GREEN WISE mark are tested and certified by Coatings Research Group, Incorporated. These products meet or exceed environmentally determined testing standards and are environmentally preferred over traditional paints and coatings. The GREEN WISE certification mark is your assurance that this product is environmentally preferred. It has been tested and certified by Coatings Research Group, Inc. (CRGI) to meet environmentally responsible standards.

All products bearing the GREEN WISE certification mark meet or exceed the low VOC standards of GECA 23-2012 Paints and Coatings , and contain no harmful chemical compounds as defined by GECA 23-2012 Paints and Coatings. GREEN WISE certified products meet or exceed stringent CRGI green performance criteria.

CRGI is an international organization of paint manufacturers. The CRGI laboratory, staffed with degreed chemists, is recognized the world over for high quality technical work and scientific reporting. Visit www.greenwisepaint.com for further information on the GREEN WISE standards and to learn more about Coatings Research Group, Inc

世界上最耐用的零VOC油漆系列 ~ 美國Mythic無毒油漆在香港已經發售。Mythic是第一隻高性能無毒環保兼備油漆。Mythic油漆是由4位科學家於南密西西比大學研製,並由美國聯邦政府資助開發,用於美國重大項目如:政府五角大樓、谷歌總部和世界貿易中心。Mythic油漆系列榮獲26項專利,同一時間具耐用性、無毒性、對環境無害,而且價格合理。 原名American Pride油漆於美國911事件後贏得重建五角大樓髹油合約因而成名。合約條件需要於密封式空調系統內髹油,而不會令其員工嗅到化學氣味或因油漆質料引致疾病。應五角大樓嚴格要求,Mythic開發及製造過程達致零污染排放。Mythic有別於其他製造商,它的油漆從配方到生產過程都一絲不笱;憑籍最新技術,以無毒色種、底漆逐步建立完全零VOC和無毒性的Mythic油漆。

Mythic油漆系列通過Coatings Research Group, Inc.認證並榮獲Green Wise標誌,獲此標誌產品均符合或超越其環保測試標準;比起傳統油漆對環境絕無傷害。本產品屬環保首選,Green Wise認證標誌是你信心保證。

Mythic所有產品均獲Green Wise認證標誌並符合或超越GECA23-2012油漆和塗料的低VOC標準, 確定產品內沒有任何定義為有害化學物質。Green Wise認證標誌乃符合或超過CRGI綠色環保標準。